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Character's stats
Jin STR 80 Strength
AGI 60 Agility
HP 65 HP
DEX 60 Dexterity
INT 40 Intelligence
SEN 45 Sensitivity
Buff Critical damage +10%
Add stats STR +30
Job skill : Zodiac Hand Sign
Zodiac Hand Sign Consumes : SP 300, Ancient Star Orb x7
Target : self-buff
Time : cast 1.133s, action 1.63s, cooldown 30s
Lv. 10: 300 sec, ATK +25%, ASPD +12%, PEN +15, Evasion & Critical +12, Critical damage +75%, AR +1
Lv. 11: 300 sec, ATK +25%, ASPD +12%, PEN +15, Evasion & Critical +12, Critical damage +75%, AR +1
Lv. 12: 300 sec, ATK +25%, ASPD +12%, PEN +15, Evasion & Critical +12, Critical damage +75%, AR +1
Base information
Initial level : 100
Armor type : Leather
Accessory type : Gloves (general, leather), Boots (general, leather), Belt (general, leather)
    • Death Shadow Ninjutsu
      Death Shadow Ninjutsu Equipment: Dagger
      Cycle: 2-hits 1-target within a range of 1m
      Bonus: ACC +15, APSD +25%, Critical +35%, IMM +10, PEN +25
      Stance's base information
      ATK: +150% Ignore DEF: 0 Fire RES: 0 Melee ATK: 0%
      ASPD: 117 Penetration: 5 Ice RES: 0 Shoot ATK: 0%
      Accuracy: 50 Immunity: 5 Lightning RES: 0 Magic ATK: 0%
      Evasion: 15 MSPD: 0% Mental RES: 0 Debuff RES: 0%


      DeathShadow Gleam (stance level 1) PvP: Fix 120% - Soft 100% - Medium 100% - Metal 50%
      DeathShadow GleamConsumes:SP 200
      Target:up to 5 enemies 12m away and within 7m width
      Time:cast 0s, action 2.933s, cooldown 8s
      Ignores enemy's DEF by 50
      ATK x1.5 in the [Hiding] state
      Level 9Level 10Level 11Level 12
      ATK 1140%ATK 1200%ATK 1260%ATK 1320%

      Silence Needles (stance level 5) PvP: Fix 120% - Soft 120% - Medium 90% - Metal 75%
      Silence NeedlesConsumes:SP 280
      Target:1 enemy within range of 9m, including airborne
      Time:cast 0s, action 2.4s, cooldown 13s
      Ignores enemy's DEF by 60
      100% chance to [Confusion]
      ATK x4 for the enemy that is casting
      Level 9Level 10Level 11Level 12
      ATK 760%ATK 800%ATK 840%ATK 880%

      DeathShadow Flash (stance level 10) PvP: Fix 120% - Soft 100% - Medium 100% - Metal 100%
      DeathShadow FlashConsumes:SP 400, Ancient Star Orb x5
      Target:moving range 10m, adjusted without targeting
      Time:cast 0s, action 0.6s, cooldown 27s
      Ignore all attack during moving
      Lasting time of Hiding
      Level 9Level 10Level 11Level 12
      27 sec30 sec33 sec36 sec

      Flood Earthquake (stance level 15) PvP: Fix 120% - Soft 100% - Medium 100% - Metal 100%
      Flood EarthquakeConsumes:SP 340
      Target:up to 6 enemies in radius 5m, including airborne
      Time:cast 0s, action 2.134s, cooldown 20s
      Ignores enemy's 60
      60% chance to [Stun]
      Chance applies for every attack of Earthquake or Splash
      Level 9Level 10Level 11Level 12
      ATK 2280%ATK 2400%ATK 2520%ATK 2640%

      Seal Sheave Ground (stance level 20) PvP: Fix 120% - Soft 100% - Medium 100% - Metal 100%
      Seal Sheave GroundConsumes:SP 300
      Target:up to 9 enemies 10m away within radius of 6m
      Time:cast 1.6s, action 2.5s, cooldown 45s
      Ignores enemy's by 60
      Lasts for 2 secs in the sealed area or lasts until Seal stone is broken
      Seal stone is broken by 2 shots
      Level 9Level 10Level 11Level 12
      ATK 3087%ATK 3250%ATK 3412%ATK 3575%