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Character's stats
Cecile STR 40 Strength
AGI 60 Agility
HP 60 HP
DEX 90 Dexterity
INT 40 Intelligence
SEN 50 Sensitivity
Buff ATK +3%
Add stats DEX +30
Job skill : Camouflage Hunter
Camouflage Hunter Consumes : SP 300, Ancient Star Orb x5
Target : applied to targeted location
Time : cast 0s, action 1.7s, cooldown 80s
Lv. 10, 11, 12: Silent Move: 30 sec, Installs [Hunting Trap] on the ground, AR of the trap is decided depending on the installer's AR and skill level
Base information
Initial level : 100
Armor type : Coat
Accessory type : Gloves (general, leather), Boots (general, leather), Belt (general, leather)
    • Arc Sting
      Arc Sting Equipment: Crossbow
      Cycle: 2-hits 1-target within a range of 14m, including airborne
      Bonus: ACC +35, APSD +12%, Critical +15%, IMM +10, PEN +30
      Stance's base information
      ATK: +110% Ignore DEF: 12% Fire RES: 0 Melee ATK: 0%
      ASPD: 157 Penetration: 0 Ice RES: 0 Shoot ATK: 0%
      Accuracy: 20 Immunity: 0 Lightning RES: 0 Magic ATK: -20%
      Block & Evasion: off MSPD: 0% Mental RES: 0 Debuff RES: 0%


      Taming Wolf (stance level 1) PvP: Fix 120% - Soft 100% - Medium 100% - Metal 100%
      Taming WolfConsumes:SP 500, Ancient Star Orb x5
      Target:duration of summon 600 sec
      Time:cast 0s, action 1.7s, cooldown 20s
      Can summon Max 1, Bonus to Gray's Ability, up to Skill Level and DEX Stats, Gray grants his owner [Sense of the Wild] Buff

      Piercing Arrow (stance level 10) PvP: Fix 120% - Soft 100% - Medium 100% - Metal 120%
      Piercing ArrowConsumes:SP 250, Steel Bolt x1
      Target:up to 7 enemies 19m away and within 6m width, including airborne
      Time:cast 0.867s, action 1.366s, cooldown 15s
      Ignores enemy's DEF by 50
      50% chance to [Mortal Wound]
      More damage in [Silent Move] state
      Level 9Level 10Level 11Level 12
      ATK 1026%ATK 1080%ATK 1134%ATK 1188%

      Force Volley Shot (stance level 15) PvP: Fix 120% - Soft 100% - Medium 100% - Metal 120%
      Force Volley ShotConsumes:SP 320, Steel Bolt x5
      Target:up to 10 enemies 17m away and at angle of 60 degrees, including airborne
      Time:cast 1.2s, action 1.366s, cooldown 20s
      Ignores enemy's DEF by 60
      80% chance to [Mortal Wound]
      More damage in [Silent Move] state
      Level 9Level 10Level 11Level 12
      ATK 1453%ATK 1530%ATK 1606%ATK 1683%

      Order Point Shot (stance level 20) PvP: Fix 120% - Soft 100% - Medium 100% - Metal 100%
      Order Point ShotConsumes:SP 400, Steel Bolt x1
      Target:1 enemy within range of 15m, including airborne
      Time:cast 0s, action 1.966s, cooldown 18s
      Ignores enemy's DEF by 60
      More damage in [Silent Move] state
      Imposes [Game] debuff to the attacked enemy
      For the enemy in [Game] all damages from Cecille +100%
      Level 9Level 10Level 11Level 12
      ATK 1282%ATK 1350%ATK 1417%ATK 1485%

      Support Ballista (stance level 25) PvP: Fix 120% - Soft 100% - Medium 100% - Metal 100%
      Support BallistaConsumes:SP 600, Ancient Star Orb x5
      Target:broken if 3 times attack or the distance between Ballista and Cecille is beyond 25m
      Time:cast 1.7s, action 3.2s, cooldown 35s
      Can build max one construction
      Provides bonus ability to the Ballista according to skill level and DEX Stats